Monday, November 9, 2009

Holiday Must Have Item: Zhu Zhu Hamster Toys

ZhuZhu Pets hamsters love to scoot, scurry and scamper around the Funhouse environment.

Includes large kitchen/living room, connecting hallway and large bathroom areas. This playset habitat has lots of openings for additional playset accessories.

Pets Hamsters sold separately.

~ Funhouse includes entry/exits openings for connecting additional ZhuZhu Pets playsets and accessories; also has four outlet caps for customizing your hamster world

~Colorful hamster funhouse has kitchen and bedroom, studio-bathroom and room connector tunnel with easy access to your pets

~Funhouse connector track section features special track bumps that allow your ZhuZhu Pets hamsters to use their artificial intelligence to make unique sounds or funny movements

~Funhouse features special track "bumps" that the ZhuZhu Pets read and react to when driven on - Playset is 30 inches long with colorful funhouse graphics and easy assembly

~Funhouse can be the start of building your own unique humongous hamster habitat
Not for children under 3 ~ small parts

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